Past Winners

2022 Winners

Larry Milton

First Responder: Deputy sheriff

Larry is a deputy sheriff at the holding center in Buffalo,NY. He works very hard with some very difficult prisoners. Mostly prisoners with mental illness or drug addiction. He is very calm, fair and caring to them. He has dealt with the worst of the worst fairly. He treats everyone with respect. The facility’s forensic counselors love him. His superiors breathe a sigh of relief when he’s there. I couldn’t be prouder!

Meet The Finalist

Philip Smith

Military: Army-E4-Veteran

There are several reasons why I want to nominate my husband. Not only is he an amazing husband (13 years) but he is also an amazing and dedicated father of 3 equally amazing children. Phil and I were married and faced many challenges early on. He has always been my rock. He has served both in Iraq (OIF) and as well as in Afghanistan (OEF). Since his honorable discharge from the Army he has faced PTSD and several obstacles along the way, but never gave up. He worked his way till he found his dream job working in Health Care as a medical assistant. When Covid hit he didn't stop or quit his job in Urgent Care. He kept working. Even when he caught covid himself. If my husband was chosen to win this, I believe in my heart that this would be an amazing way for him to see that we all see HIM. We all see the hard work and effort that he puts in every day. This would mean the world.

Meet The Finalist