All Nominees

Jason Saramak

First Responder: Police Officer/ Deputy Sheriff

Jason is an extremely giving person. He lost his mother to cancer 01/07/2010 when she was 53 and his Father to Emphysema 01/08/2023 age 67. Jason cared for both his parents at tremendous personal cost to him, having to take time off work without pay and care for his parents losing his home. He also balances rescuing sick animals in need at his own cost He is in a same sex marriage & has face diversity/discrimination in his field of work and he remained silent. He chose to honor his mom who was a Deputy Sheriff & his grandfather/uncles/cousins who were and are Buffalo Police/Fire officers by working in this line of work.. Service is in his blood. But his heart is about personal sacrifice for others

Andrew Hammack

Military: Army

He is very proud to be a vet. His whole life is his kids, his business, and Bradford Raptors Youth Football team he help build from nothing has done everything he can for his community. He deserves to have a brand new vehicle something he can rely on. He is a great man and would give anyone the shirt off his back.

Nick Ferraro

Military: Navy

Nick is such a great person. He is protective of this country, his family and his friends. He is a great friend and always puts others first.

Nicholas Ferraro

Military: Navy

Nick voluntarily signed up to do an overseas tour in the middle east. He served our country for many years. Since marrying and moving to the Buffalo area, he has done projects for area veterans. At Christmas our family, including Nick sand his wife, give up giving presents to each other. We take the money and support a veterans cause instead. Nick has a heart of gold and thinks of others first.

Kassandra Klein

Military: Marines

She is a hard working single mother of 2 who is also in college. A larger vechile would make her life easier with her growing kids who will be starting school next year. She has moved from souther california to North Carolina and finally settled in WNY and a car that can handle our tough winters would be a great help. She goes without for herself to help everyone around her, and is a wonderful all around person.

Brandon Gregory

Military: Army

Brandon went to war right after the towers fell in 2001. He went on several tours to Afghanistan and Iraq. Indured so much while he was over there fighting for our country he earned a total of 26 metals. He was released from duty after hitting a roadside IUD in turn flipping his humve. He was then in physical therapy for moths after in order to fix the damage to the left side of his body and back. To this day the pain has not gone away. Little did he know he also received not just a concussion during this accident (which they thought it was then), but a TBI This TBI was discovered years later when he began to feel different and a MRI was given and this was the diagnosis. Brandon has given everything for his country. His mind, body, and soul and stills says he would do it all over again. The TBI and PTSD has made him unable to be a working memeber in society which puts a strain on his family only making it by with disability payments. This car would help out our family in so many ways

Terry Palmer

Military: US Army Green Beret

My father served in the US army in the special forces as a Green Beret during the Vietnam War. He later went on to serve our local county as a Deputy Sheriff in Allegany County in NYS and has since retired after a rewarding career protecting and serving, he even assisted after the 9/11 terror attack in NY city during the clean up and recovery effort. He is now in a battle for his life with bone/blood cancer (MDS) and has just finished his first bone marrow transplant and is on his 50th day of recovery

Chris Coleman

Military: Army

Chris is the type a person that would give you the shirt off of his back. He is a true and proud Army veteran. He struggles financially and drives an older vehicle that is getting to be unreliable. A new vehicle would take a lot of weight off of his life right now, along with giving him extra money to put towards bills without having a car payment.

dylan mcintire

Military: army

dylan is on deployment until 2024 in kuwaiit, his wife leiah is a nurse and trying to complete her education and is raising 3 children 1,5 and 8

Sandra Williams

Military: Army

Sandra has a strong passion and commitment in serving the community and veterans. In 2015, Sandra led the effort and was successful in getting a commemorative street “Trailblazing” sign in honor of a Buffalo, NY WWII Army Veteran who had served in America’s legendary 761st Tank Battalion. This tank unit is credited with being the first Armored Unit of African American Soldiers to see combat in WWII. Sandra paid for the trailblazing signs with her own money. In addition, Sandra nominated and was successful in getting this WWII Veteran to be inducted into the 2015 NYS Senate Veterans Hall of Fame. In 2016, Sandra led the effort and was successful in getting the East Delavan Branch Library renamed in honor of an Army Veteran who served during the Korean War. The Veteran was a President and CEO of the Buffalo Urban League for 26 yrs and is recognized as a community leader and visionary in the area of Civil Rights. Sandra is a strong Veteran Advocate. She is a proud Veteran!

Adam Herbert

Military: United States air force

Adam is a Disabled vet from Air Force, MP, explosion in Afghanistan. Hit IED, while driving, truck. Disabled Vet 4 young kiids, doesn’t have a car big enough, car to transport kids . Spouse in school full time, leaving Adam with no transportation, for children. Wife, also works part time.

Adam Herbert

Military: Air Force

I am nominating Adam because over the last 10 years I have watched his back slowly deteriorate and become worse. He never complains no matter how much he is hurting, he always puts his kids first. Like most we have come across hard times financially to the point where we had to get rid of our van due to mechanical issues and not having money to fix it. So now we can no longer can travel anywhere as a family with our kids. He is no longer able to work so is a stay at home dad while I work and go to school full time to become a nurse. I would love to give my husband a car so he is able to travel with our kids.

Cara Partridge

First Responder: Nurse Practitioner

Mother of 3 children. Hardest working person I know and is all about helping other people. She dedicates all of her time on improving other people’s lives and takes care of everyone while putting herself last. The true definition of a first responder. There isn’t a person who is more deserving.

Frank Troutman

Military: Army Sargent

Served our country in a war and feel like I deserve it

Mike Serach

Military: US Air Force

I've spent my entire adult life as a military emergency and first responder. A day after turning 17 I enlisted in the USAF as a law enforcement specialist; a position I held from 1978-81. In 1981 I was retrained to a USAF Emergency Manager and Disaster Preparedeness Specialist - a role I served in until retiring from active duty in 1998.While on active duty I served at several USAF bases around the globe, including a deployment to Kuwait, tours in Germany, Spain, and Italy; as well as Robins AFB (GA), Sheppard AFB (TX), England AFB (LA), Dover AFB (DE), and with Special Operation Command at Hurlburt Field (FL). Post-retirement, I've worked as an Air Force contractor and federal civil servant for the AIr Force and Department of Agriculture in the Emergency Management field. From 2020 to present I've served as the Installation Emergency Manager at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station (NFARS).

Matthew Till

Military: Navy

Matthew is a Father of 2 that currently does not have a car of his own. he will need one soon to do the schooling he needs for his next job.

matthew till

Military: Navy

Outstanding person, served his country, will go out of his way to help anyone. Wonderful husband and father, and son.

Phillip Myles Jr.

Military: Air Force

He was 23 years old he collapsed, went into cardiac arrest, has a pacemaker defibrillator retired from the military at 27 his life has never been the same.

Filiberto Cappuzzello

Military: Navy

My brother has sacrificed everything for his family and putting himself last always. He has lost his VA job because of medical issues and losing his Cadillac because he went to safe me twice from Arizona the first time I was sick and was unable to visit the family during the Holidays and then the 2nd time when I was robbed and attacked in my apartment in August my brother dropped everything and drove across the country to help me pack and move back to NYS. He has done so much for our family and this is the only way I can thank him for helping me. He also cares for our elderly parents dropping them off to and from their doctors appointments using my son’s vehicle. Which he wakes up at 6am to take the dogs out before dropping off my son to work and picking him up to use the only vehicle we have left to get around.